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Stephen Messimer



I have always loved art. I was a a compulsive doodler as a child and took every summer school class on art that I was allowed. When and where I grew up art, as a professional endeavor, was viewed as not quite an appropriate goal for a young man. So my interests in this regard were not encouraged. As a result I pursued a much more conservative and restrained path. I took a BS degree in Sociology from Iowa State University and graduated in 1971. After graduating I worked at several jobs and eventually the draft caught up with me. I volunteered for the 82nd Airborne and spent the next 3 years in Fayetteville NC. While there I was trained as a paratrooper and a medic. I left the Army in 1976 and returned to Iowa to start my premedical training. In 1978 I married my current wife, Lee Ann, and we moved to Detroit where I attended Mercy College of Detroit's Physician Assistant program. Since graduating in 1981 I have worked as a primary care PA in Escanaba, Marquette and Manistique.

Over all these years I have wanted to get back into Art. I had a brief foray into computer programming and database design but while there was a great deal of creativity involved, these endeavors were essentially soul-less and I returned to my practice as a PA. In the last year things have changed significantly.

I started playing around with copper sheet scraps initially. In doing so I began to learn about soldering, torch work and repousse. My daughter Alix, suggested that I might like making copper ear rings. That was about a year ago in January of 2013. Since then I have had the most marvelous time creating a variety of hand crafted copper ear rings.



Typically I work with copper sheet and various colors of copper craft wire. Copper is an amazing medium and allows me the flexibility to go just about any direction my fancy takes me. For the meantime I will be concentrating on ear ring designs. In the future I hope to expand my line of jewelry to rings, necklaces and broaches.

The finishes I apply are the result of the application of heat, accompanied by various sorts of abrasives. These finishes are the result of multiple steps that take advantage of copper's many properties. While I do solder a few of my designs, most are single units at this point so soldering is not required.

My line of jewelry is called dangerousGurl and is a tribute to and is inspired by the amazing
women with whom I have been associated throughout my life and career. Copper, it seems, is the perfect medium for the expression of these sentiments. When faced with opposition, copper hardens. In fact, the more it is opposed the harder it gets. On the other hand, when heat is applied, copper becomes malleable and if treated properly takes on a sheen that is almost impossibly beautiful. These attributes, hardness in the face of opposition , softness upon application of heat and beauty are part of all the dangerousGurls in my life. There many more of you out there and the ear rings I make in the future will be a tribute to you. Thank you ladies, for making this world a better place for us all.

Stephen Rockwell Messimer

About the finish on dangerousGurl ear rings:

Your dangerousGurl jewelry has been treated with a non-toxic environmentally friendly coating that will preserve its luster for years to come. You may clean your jewelry with warm soap and water. Do Not use harsh abrasives, abrasive cloth or cleaners like Soft Scrub, Brasso or Bartender's Helper as these will remove the finish.

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