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Natasha Alexander

Hardanger Embroidery

I was fortunate to be born into a family of old world Scandinavian needle women who were all dedicated to preserving both common and uncommon styles of fiber arts. Besides kntting crochet, surface embroidery, and needlepoint, I was also taught bobbin lace, tatting, huck weaving, and my favorite addiction Hardanger.

The seeds of Hardanger (pronounced har-dunger) embroidery were brought home to the Hardanger Provence of Norway by the Vikings. Norwegian women then developed this distinctive style of needle lace until it became their tradition. Classically the style consists of white thread on white fabric and was used to decorate everyday articles in their homes. The technique results in an open, lacy pattern which changes appearance as sunlight moves across the piece.

My 40 year Hardanger career has been punctuated by spinning, weaving, and many forms of lace making. I have carried on my family dedication to preserving "lost" arts by teaching and simply making people aware of the wonderful variety of needle art.

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